Hi, my name is David Hartshorne and my goal is to provide you with helpful, 'byte-sized' tips on how to build your online business by using the best available tools and technology.

Based on my experience, I will…

  • Provide helpful 'byte-sized' tips that you can take action on
  • Explain things in an uncomplicated way
  • Give honest, unbiased reviews
  • Offer quality advice and support
David Hartshorne - Freelance Web Content Writer

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Who Am I?

  • I’m a ‘sincere, breezy, measured, committed and witty kind of guy who enjoys helping people’ – according to my family and friends!
  • I'm an Information Technology professional with 15+ years experience in delivering a ‘first-class’ support service.​
  • ​I'm based in the UK, but love spending time in Spain - the climate is so much more favourable!
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Spain January 2015

My Story

Back at school things were a lot different from today, and for a start we didn’t have IT or Computing - yes it was that long ago! I seem to recall near the end of my Secondary School education that a BBC Micro Computer arrived, but that was just a bit too late for us.

My school years were dominated by music with a bit of sport thrown in for good measure. At Primary School we had the opportunity to learn an instrument. I wanted to learn the trumpet, but there were none available so I ended up with the trombone. [Let me tell you now that lugging a trombone and school bags around only served to enhance my physique…OK I’m lying…but it was hard work.] Anyway, I progressed very quickly with the trombone and found most of my evenings and weekends were taken with playing in various brass bands and orchestras.

At 18 I headed off to Birmingham School of Music to study for my degree in music. I changed emphasis from performing music to arranging music. I also started to become more interested in the new music technology instruments and started to dabble with synthesizers and sequencers. But still no computers!

Following graduation I finally escaped from the Midlands and moved up north to Manchester. My first job was as a youth worker/musician. I was playing keyboards in a band and we were travelling to various parts of the UK working with local schools, churches and youth groups.

After a year of travelling it was time to settle down and I began my retail career. At first I worked for a music shop in Manchester, selling pianos. I have to say it was a most pleasant job and my greatest achievement was selling a Steinway Grand. But I needed to progress and I joined Tandy (aka Radio Shack in the US) as a Trainee Manager. I had some fun times there and was soon managing my local Bury store. I was also fortunate enough to win a place on a company holiday to Disney Land Florida plus a Bahamas Cruise!

After 4 years I went back to university to complete my Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a year later I started my teaching career. It wasn’t for me. I struggled. And so I began my search for another career.

I was interested in music and technology and it was a logical step to investigate careers in the Information Technology sector. In order to break into this field I commenced a distance-learning course in Systems Analysis and Business Management. This proved to be a winning move and in January 1998 I started my IT career as an Analyst Programmer. Since then I have progressed through a number of roles with different companies. You can read more about these here.

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